About Druid


Druid software is a core cellular network software company based in Ireland. Druid was established in 2001 and has evolved to become one of the leaders in Private Cellular Solutions in Europe.


Druid offer a “Cellular Soft-Core” application called RaemisTM which provides all of the functionality of a macro public cellular network but can be hosted on an industry standard server and is designed to be deployed in enterprise environments.  A RaemisTM solution delivers cellular coverage, capacity and mobile applications to business users in a defined geographic domain.


Typical deployments would include Universities , Hospitals, Hotels, Office Buildings, Warehousing or indeed any industry where employee mobility is required.


RaemisTM also addresses the need of mobile operators to be able to offer a differentiated quality of service (QoS) to business users over general consumer customers in addition to offering enterprises an applications platform capable of delivering improved business processes.


RaemisTM has become well established in Europe as an enhanced mobile solution for large enterprises and government bodies; it resolves coverage and QoS issues and hosts custom messaging and mobile data applications.


Druid are based in the south of Dublin, at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains in a pure physical environment that stimulates creative thinking and facilitates the generation of unique solutions.