Professional Design Services

Druid offer design and engineering consultancy services on all components of a cellular network. We have provided cellular design consultancy services on projects over a wide range of vertical segments incl, avionics, healthcare, exploration, maritime, security and defence.


Professional Services case study

Security segment

Task: A border protection agency requested low altitude video surveillance via a Drone of a ground patrol’s search area using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile handsets.


The solution was to deploy a self-contained 3G network on a UAV that would relay live camera feed to the field operatives using toughened smartphones.
Druid Software were the lead developer in achieving a complete 3G cellular core on a ultra light-weight platform integrated with a FAP for deployment in a UAV.


Skills and knowledge resources utilized:
3G Network components MSC, GSN, RAN, HLR, FAP.


Mobile Operator Segment

User behaviour analysis

Task: Druid was asked to develop a proof of concept solution aimed at probing mobile operators Gn interfaces (mobile data). The probe was required to be highly efficient in order to extract various key information from live data streams.