Cellular Network Technology

Druid's Raemis technology platform

Raemis™ – Cellular Network Technology

Druid’s cellular solutions for business are built on its Raemis™ technology platform. Raemis™ is a set of cellular software assets originally crafted by Druid’s engineers and optimised for business use cases. The Raemis™ platform harnesses 4G, 3G, 2G and Wifi radios from any vendor to implement standalone cellular core network solutions. It also integrates with mobile network operators using standard interfaces giving access to all of the radio resources of these operators.

Flexible & Easily-Integrated Cellular Technology

Some of the key differentiators of Druid’s platform are:

Built-in REST API:

Raemis™ components are engineered from the ground up with a built-in API. The Raemis™ platform facilitates exposing the internal state of the platform easily using a HTTP API based on REST principles. This makes Druid solutions very friendly to integration with external enterprise applications and enables a dynamic best-in-class user interface to Druid’s solutions.

Virtualised Solution:

The Raemis™ platform builds in virtualisation support for all Druid’s solutions. Solutions can be delivered as virtual machines or even as containers with the Raemis™ built-in orchestration capabilities making it easy to deploy scalable and resilient virtualised solutions for business.

Customisable Technology:

Since Druid has implemented the Raemis™ platform from scratch, it is in full possession of all the IPR and know how in the platform. This makes it easy for Druid to customise the platform for particular business use cases.

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