Private Cellular Networks

Druid’s Cellular Network application “Raemis” enables enterprises to deploy private cellular networks for the exclusive use of staff and selective authorised users. In territories where the regulator has made spectrum available for such networks, Druid’s RaemisTM application is the market leader.


Druid’s cellular application consist of all of the functional elements of a public mobile network, with one exception i.e. it’s deployed for the dedicated, exclusive use of employees of the enterprise. That means that you get guaranteed levels of mobile service coverage and capacity, no competing with the general public for service and you decide where you need coverage.


Enterprise Cellular




RaemisTM delivers Voice, Messaging and Data mobility to users in a wide variety of industry segments.


Typical applications are in the following segments:


  •       Hospital Campus environments
  •       Assisted living
  •       Hotel/Hospitality segment
  •       Emergency/ Blue light
  •       Defence/Maritime/AeroMobile operator Subnets
  •       MVNO solutions

Private Mobile Networks are increasingly being deployed to displace DECT, Paging and VoWiFi solutions. The main drivers for this displacement are the superior coverage of cellular technology and the wide variety and relative low cost of mobile devices.

Enterprise Subnet Solutions

RaemisTM can also be configured as a private subnet within a mobile operator’s network. In this scenario RaemisTM runs as a value added application on a cluster of Pico/Femto cells providing the following benefits to the enterprise:


Managed Dedicated Coverage

RaemisTM empowers the enterprise by providing a management tool which enables the enterprise to manage user registration and the class of service of users on their private subnet. It also provides a real time view of the performance of the deployed radio resources in the enterprise.

Smartphone PBX Extension

RaemisTM can be seamlessly integrated into the enterprise PBX, making the user’s mobile device an extension of the enterprise phone structure. VoIP integration allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which can significantly reduce enterprise infrastructure costs.

Business Process Apps

The two most commonly requested mobile applications across all industry segments are associated with Messaging and Presence.


Raemis hosts an integrate SMS controller, this supports a private messaging application for the exclusive use of registered users, this feature is available when Raemis is deployed as a private or subnet solution. This messaging functionality can integrate with 3rd party messaging servers through the Raemis API to support applications such as: lone worker, patient alarms, industrial telemetry, and major incident response systems.


Raemis also tracks and reports on user location, there are two methods employed; A. tracking user location by cell registration and, B. Polling mobile devices to report on GPS position. This functionality can be used to track and report on presence and whereabouts of employees. Typical applications are monitoring security guard routes and tracking employees in industrial hazardous.


It is possible to combine the Messaging and Presence functionality to provide integrated end user applications such as: “Man Down” response or other automated location based messaging.

Ubiquitous Future-proof technology

RaemisTM employs standard cellular technology as is defined by the mobile standards body 3GPP. This means that when an entity invests in a RaemisTM mobility solution it is absolutely future proofed. RaemisTM already has an embedded EPC core supporting LTE services.


In addition to the benefits of the RaemisTM core network application, users also benefit from the host of smartphone applications that are enabled by this technology.

Resilience and Survivability

Where RaemisTM is configured as a subnet within a macro public network, it manages user registration and roaming/handover from the public net to the private subnet.


In the event that the public network fails or is compromised RaemisTM will continue to operate as a private network providing uninterrupted on-site mobile communications. This makes RaemisTM a must for environments where mobile communications are “Mission critical”.